Brief, Effective Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is useful where we have a number of problems - some of which might be longstanding.


Sometimes in life we need the opportunity to make more sense of emotions. Therapy can also help you change deeper, sometimes longer-lived patterns of behaviour and thinking.


Mark is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist using solution focussed forms of therapy including CBT, NLP, Hypnosis and Mindfulness work. The focus includes cognitive thinking, insight and behavioural change in a safe, open and encouraging atmosphere.   



Mark can assist with these and other problems: Confidence, Self-esteem, Depression and mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Assertiveness, Relationship issues, Addictions, Bereavement, Assertiveness, Sleep, Stress reduction, Personality disorders.

Performance Coaching


Advanced tools are used to help you develop your skills in virtually any aspect of your work and home life.


It can also be a confidential outlet to talk through work and managerial issues. Mark's skills as a coach and therapist are used by a number of large and small corporations and companies in London and Europe.                                                                                           

Mark's coaching clients range from popstars to blue chip CEO's, from retail consultants to people who need to give presentations. Quality coaching is about fulfilling your potential in measurable ways through identifying resources and creating real, lasting change.


Mark can assist with the following areas: 

Communication and interpersonal skills, Improved risk taking, Time management, Assertiveness, Leadership training, Delegating, Presentations and public speaking, Accurate self-appraisal, Organisational systems and skills, Stress management



"Mark helped me nail any performance...
he truly changed my life!"

Jay Sean - Billboard No.1 R&B singer


Making contact...

If you would like to discuss how Mark might be able to help you then call or email in confidence. Mark will carefully listen to your needs and answer any questions you have before you start.


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