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Chemsex Treatment

The growing use of phone apps and specific recreational drugs (such as Crystal Meth, GHB and Mephedrone) amongst (mostly) gay men has resulted in a very specific problem which is unseen by Drug treatment programmes and within sexual health settings. "Chemsex" is a pernicious and highly dangerous habit which can be really hard to break without help - not least because the drugs used are physically very addictive.

Therefore a very specific understanding of the problem and how it can be treated is required. Very few Psychotherapists have a thorough comprehension of Chemsex - not least because its pretty much a problem within gay culture ... it isn't really about clubbing and it's not exclusively about sex, phone apps or drugs. It's a unique combination.


As a gay man who has "lived:)" in London for 30 years I have seen many trends come and go. I have also seen a number of people lose their lives to Chemsex and drugs. The "chems" have the ability to grip anyone because of the way our brains can respond to them.

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