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Edwin S. Scheidman




and work to help people overcome Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex PTSD/Developmental Trauma.


I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) 

I don't believe therapy is about "fixing" people - there's nothing "wrong" with us; symptoms like anxiety are are understandable human responses to difficulties and disruptions to our lives. Therapy is about hope, recovery and encouraging change in ways which help us evolve and reduce suffering - so we can lead more vibrant, meaningful lives. We are more than our stories, we are more than labels.


Most of us will suffer from psychological problems at one time or another and there are many, many reasons why. Whatever you're feeling there is no need to suffer on your own.




Sometimes life is crap: confusing, overwhelming, painful. Sometimes we need to talk about the things which bother, overwhelm or concern us to make sense of things overselves. Sometimes we want to get more from life and make important changes. I won't judge you. Many of us may do a good job of appearing to function well to others, but inside we feel pain, confusion or unease. 


My job is to help you find your way of navigating through emotional and psychological difficulties with skill, empathy and kindness and to help you develop your own psychological resources. Often our greatest life hurdles can prove to be (in the longer term at least) a turning point to something better in the future. We all sometimes need help with this. 

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