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Getting help if you're suicidal

If you feel you are in immediate danger or you feel you are at risk of seriously harming yourself call 999 or go straight to A & E.
Or ask someone else to call an ambulance or take you there now. 

If you are feeling like you want to die it's really important to get immediate help and support. You don't have to struggle with difficult feelings on your own. Help is available now.


Many of us have times in our lives when we feel truly overwhelmed or desperate and that life isn't worth living. There is a safe way through this - even if we can't see this at the time.

You can talk to support helplines such as: 

Tel: 116 123 - 24 hours a day

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men 

Tel: 0800 58 58 58 - 5pm to midnight daily

For some ideas (if you're not in immediate danger ) about how to cope right now:

Stay away from drugs and alcohol

Call a friend or helpline - ask to stay with them or ask them to be with you. 

Be around other people

Do something which gives you pleasure

Don't think about the future right now just focus on getting through the next day. 

See more ideas and tips at:

You can get through this period. It will pass. Do all you need to do to remain safe.

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