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Answering your questions

Before embarking on therapy of any kind it's important you know some important elements about how your Psychotherapist works and what is expected of them and you to make the process work well for you. I hope these questions help you...

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on what you need and what you want. I tend to work on a brief basis with clients - months not years. Sometimes people may just require just a few sessions but other people may really benefit from a more comprehensive plan of at least 10-12 sessions. No one is the same and I can advise you based on my experience and clinical guidelines from The National Institute for Clinical and Care Excellence for different issues.

What is your therapeutic approach?

I integrate a number of different methodologies into my work informed by both NICE Clinical Guidelines and my experience. Read more about my approach.

Does my GP need to know if I see you and will it be on my medical records?

No. Unless you wish me to liaise with your GP I won't - except in exceptional circumstances (for your personal safety) where I would still attempt to seek your permission to do so.

Can I bring someone else with me to my appointments?

If this helps you - absolutely. There may be times where it might get in your way though - and this could be discussed

Do I have to talk endlessly about my childhood?

I have been asked this question many times. I think it stems from images of Psychoanalysis we see in films and TV. The type of therapies I use will involve talking about your formative years to a small degree. However it will not be the primary focus of our work, it will not involve going round in circles and will always be in relation to helping you enjoy the life you want now. Our primary focus will be on changing patterns that are current in your life.

What are you working hours?

Generally I work Monday - Friday 9 - 7pm but this does sometimes vary slightly. 

How long would it be before you can see me?

Usually within about 2 weeks but it may be that you might have to wait a little longer sometimes before we can see each other. 

I am nervous about seeing a therapist and don't know what to expect.

Being nervous before therapy is an extremely normal feeling and one which can talk through and as such just doing this can be very rewarding. You can expect a kind, warm, challenging and productive experience in therapy which may sometimes be uncomfortable, will require effort and will ultimately be deeply rewarding. Therapy is ultimately about changing your experience of being you in a positive, beneficial way.

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